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This is an open world game demo. You can shoot, drive and fly a plane. Map is small. Any helps and suggestion are appreciated.


NCT.zip 57 MB


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Cool game man, I'm sorry I didn't realise you had games published to you itch page sooner.
The shooting is cool and I like the dancing zombie ; )

Since you asked for help in the description:

I'd make some sort of jumping/driving parcour for the car, maybe rings in the air for the plane. And you could try to make the NPCs fight back when you shoot them or shooting-ranges, etc any type of game/scenario that has rules&stackes&reward&punishment.

This way you would have gameplay, beyond a demo : )

You could also highscores.

yes i started with this in march in lockdown with unity i was learning from jimmy vegas, sykoo, codemonkey,brackeys anywhere i get knowledge.

so i started with igi type fps called martin parker then a horse runner apk then i think i was in mood of open world so added car plane shooting haha i didnt knew you will like it we can push the project and polish it more

and the horror mystery series is also going :)

actually i am an automation developer for it company so i get money and game playing , making goes side by side

Thats very cool, I also started out watching all those channels.

Yeah, I think most people who do game-dev don't do it as their actual full-time job, I'd love to, but it's really risky. Maybe I can make "TwoDoors" good enough to sell it, but I don't know : )

yeah i like gaming and game dev , i cant do c++ java so much in depth for amazon or google . i need data structures and algos strong i tried but was not happy with it . but i like story, games,music type things so it will go side by side haha :)

yes after more polishing twodoors have good chances i think like removing as many bugs as possible.

Yeah I was confused by code a lot too, still am to a degree, but over time it gets better.
Thanks myn, I really hope I can get the game that far : )